I get knocked down, but I get up again. They're never gonna keep me down!

Help us build our family tree. If you are a Stefanisko I offer you a free, one-page, biographical web page hosted here. You just have to provide your family tree info, a bio or story and a few snap shots, if you like. Email me, nick@stefanisko.net and I can set things up for you.
Why Stefanisko.NET? Hey I thought all web sites ended in .COM! Not true. There are really three public web suffixes called "top level domains."
  • .COM: This suffix is for companies or commerce related sites
  • .ORG: This suffix is for non-profit organizations
  • .NET: This suffix is for networks
  • Then there are the three special purpose TLD's
  • .EDU: This suffix is for Educational institutions like universities
  • .GOV: This suffix is for Goverenment sites like the White House and NASA
  • .MIL: This suffix is for the Military, but there doen't seem to be many of them
  • I'm not a company. I'm not a non-profit organization, even though I don't get paid for doing any of this. I'm definantly not military or part of the government, and I don't think I could convince anyone that I am an educational institute. But I do have five computers and a LAN in my home, so I guess that makes me a .NET!

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